Demitasse LIve

Demitasse Players perform at Studio 1.

An Interview with Susan Bond

The Demitasse Band

Lyrics and music by Richard Cirulli
all rights reserved 
arrangements by Drew Caico

Elena Clark …vocals
Drew Caico…guitar
Jonathan Bedard…bass
Scott Morgan …synthesizer guitar and percussion

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John Baily Interview w. Rich Cirulli

(John Baily interviews Richard Cirulli about his new movie “An Existential Date”)

Jerry Morano talks about an”An Existential Date”

(Jerry Morano talks about Richard Cirulli’s new movie “An Existential Date”)

John Baily Interview w. Chris Caseburi

(John Baily interviews Chris Caseburi about the making of the movie “An Existential Date”)


(A poem by Richard Cirulli Read by Brenna Strober)

Pockets of Friends

(A poem by Richard Cirulli Read by Brenna Strober)

Interview with the playwright

(What is Existentialism)

The Star-Spangled Banner

(Performed by Drew Caico and Scott Morgan)

Alexa Servodidio


Scene from “Thoughts for a Lost Friend”

Jonathan Present
Performed by Bob Ansbro

Scene from “Thoughts for a Lost Friend”

Jonathan circa 1971
Performed by Vincent D’Avanzo 

The Sacred Woods

Theme Song from the play Thoughts for a Lost Friend
Written by Richard Cirulli
Performed by Drew Caico and Elena Clark

The Demitasse Players

(An Interview with Susan Bond)

Bailando con Rebecca

John Bailey’s People to be Heard

(An Interview with Richard Cirulli)

Eric Scholz Digital Director

Drew Caico Musical Director

A Matter of Time

(Theme song from A Lonely Summit)

Blanca’s Song

(Theme from Roundelay)

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