Demitasse Players Newsletter "Existential Epiphanies"

“Adapt yourself to the environment in which your lot has been cast, and show true love to the fellow mortals with whom destiny has surrounded you”

Marcus Aurelius

Our Newsletter is intended to inform, inspire, and educate our audiences to better understand the relationship between existentialism and promoting good mental health for both our society and ourselves individually. In essence, our newsletter is a psychotronic writing to help our readers to navigate life from merely existing to that of finding their essence of life. The Newsletter is neutral, free of bias, agendas, and partisan politics, written to unite our audience rather than to divide by avoiding judgmental and misdirected opinions.


I will refer you now the a quote by the ancient stoic Seneca;

“I am endeavoring to live everyday as if it were a complete life”


An Essential Existential Enigma

If the universe was formed from a very hot small and dense super-force
out of nothingness
Who created the very hot?……….. And what is nothingness made of?

If a creator god made this universe where did he live before the he
created the universe?
And, is God an only child?

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