The Demitasse Players Manifesto


I founded the Demitasse Players with the mission to write and produce plays in the hope that the stage would prove to be an excellent venue to educate our audiences about mental illness and to remove the taboos associated with this family of illnesses. According to one government statistic only 17% of adults are considered to be in a state of optimal mental health. The Center for Disease and Control (CDC) describes mental health as a composite of emotional, social, and psychological wellbeing. As dismal as these statistics are, they are exclusive of the seven capital vices; pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth.

Though outside the definition of mental illness, but none the less, have a negative impact on our lives and society in general, and slows our psychological and emotional anthropology.

The philosophy of The Demitasse Players is to never divide our audiences by using our performances to promote one agenda at the expense of another, or to use isms and ideologies as a scapegoat for all our social problems. And recognize that one ism or ideology does not have a monopoly on right or wrong. We are also committed to expanding our radius of thinking by promoting discourse in all of our works. We believe our frail human condition permeates into all of our noble endeavors such as education, politics, religion, government to name just a few. In essence, regardless of the ism or ideology we believe in, our crooked timber of humanity has proven to corrupt the best of intentions and institutions. By making the opposing ideology or ism a scapegoat does not advance our psychological anthropology. To be clear, we are not anti ism or ideologies, though take the position that we should strive to improve our selves individually by rising above our frailties, egos, and insecurities. We also believe that we can all agree in general, humanity at times can be ungrateful, fickle, fake, cowardly, covetous, selfish, and hypocritical, to name just a few. And these characteristics of our human condition slow down our human advancement. In our present human condition, our irrationality clings to us like a shadow. Many- times a new ism is created to offset injustices and poor decisions by the leadership of previous ism. For- example Protestantism is a reaction to Catholicism, and Communism is a reaction to the abusees of capitalism. This is not a condemnation against organized religion or capitalism. The point being, abuses are more the result of insensitive leadership decisions resulting from our frail human condition rather than the ism or ideology itself.

We also find it quite ironic, and to a degree and a sad observation that as our technology advances at exponential rates, our psychological anthropology has not advanced and kept pace, and may be fair to say we are still in the dark ages as a result of our frail human condition. Though we have made noble advancements we are still lagging behind our technological advances. Our mission is not limited to just the majority of the population who are afflicted with mental disorders, but to all in hope of improving the mental health for our audiences.

In closing, I will leave you with this thought to ponder. Regardless if you are one of the majorities who are afflicted with a mental disorder, or fall in the 17% who are free of mental illness. We are all tempted and at times act upon the seven capital vices. And also, are prone to be at times ungrateful, fickle, fake, cowardly, covetous, selfish, and hypocritical, to name just a few? Proving regardless of where one lies within the statistics, and what isms, and ideologies we follow, we all share in common our frail human condition in distress. And believe we cannot advance society until we all advance ourselves individually. We do not support the belief that one can find security by wrapping themselves in a narcissistic cocoon believing themselves to have a monopoly on, right? Maintaining such action is a convenient addiction to isms and ideologies one delegates to think and speak for them?

On behalf of the troupe and myself, we hope we have found our performances of value, and have helped in some small and humble way to straighten our crooked timber of humanity.

An Essential Existential Enigma

If the universe was formed from a very hot small and dense super-force
out of nothingness
Who created the very hot?……….. And what is nothingness made of?

If a creator god made this universe where did he live before the he
created the universe?
And, is God an only child?

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